Fact Sheet

The Business Office 

Business Services manages well over 5,000 long term contract files and coordinates the review and signature of over 3,000 additional short-term contracts each year.  Our work allows us to interact regularly with every department on campus, with subject matters ranging from athletic competitions (Go Tigers!) to consulting arrangements, conference center and hotel agreements, exchange and study abroad programs, programming agreements for KOMU and KBIA (yes, we help bring you "Dr. Phil," "Oprah" and "Prairie Home Companion," too!), speakers, lecturers, entertainers, and clinical experience arrangements with facilities across the country.  We manage over 125 leased properties, and oversee  Mizzou's real estate, including close to 1,400 acres on campus plus more than 17,000 acres in Missouri, and holdings in 14 other states.  Business Services also processes more than 9000 room reservations per semester.