Creating an Agreement

Whenever possible, departments should use "Standard Form" contracts to define the relationship with the individual or company. These forms can be completed by simply filling in the blanks.

Since these agreements have been pre-approved by General Counsel, the review and signature process is much quicker. The most common standard forms are:

To properly execute a standard form agreement, you should fill in all relevant information and create two copies. Then have the other party sign both copies. Once the other party has signed, you should forward both signed copies to Business Services, 311 Jesse Hall for review and signature on behalf of the University. We will return one fully-signed copy to you for return to the other party. The official contract file is maintained in Business Services as required by the University's formal delegations of authority. (You are, of course, welcome to maintain your own working file at the department level.)

The Consulting Agreement is not technically a standard form, as each consulting agreement requires formal legal approval from General Counsel, but it gives the department a user-friendly format for organizing other agreements for professional services. Following the format ensures that the required elements of the agreement are in place and helps to expedite the approval process.

If the standard form agreements available do not meet your needs, or if the individual or company you are contracting with insists on using a different document, please contact us at (573)882-7254 for assistance.


Lisa Wimmenauer
Associate Director