Departmental Role

You begin the contract process by conducting the initial negotiations with the individual or company to establish the scope of the services to be provided, the time frame and the amount of compensation. You should also be aware that the University's activities are governed by a number of regulatory authorities and a vast body of law.; We encourage you to maintain basic working knowledge of relevant University regulations, policies, guidelines and practices to facilitate compliance with applicable law and regulatory authority. Guidance may be found in the MU Business Policy and Procedure Manual regarding many issues, including conflict of interest (1:140 and 1:141), contracting (1:060), intellectual property (1:050 and 1:051); purchases (Chapter 3); real estate (1:061); and use of equipment and resources (6:070). In addition, technical expertise and assistance is available to you from a number of campus resources, including Human Resource Services (personnel issues), Environmental Health and Safety (environmental issues), the Office of Sponsored Programs (research issues), and the Office of Business Services (general).

You are also responsible for ensuring that any payments made pursuant to a contract are consistent with the terms of that contract and that payments do not occur before a contract has been properly reviewed and fully signed.

Business Services is here to support you and the important work you do for Mizzou.


Lisa Wimmenauer
Associate Director