Review/Approval Process

During the review process, Business Services staff verifies that the contract is in compliance with applicable University policies, that it contains all the necessary information and that there are no inconsistencies or ambiguities.

Resolving questions at this stage helps to ensure that the remainder of the review and approval process happens as quickly as possible and that agreements will pass scrutiny during an audit.

Standard form agreements do not require formal legal approval by UM General Counsel's Office. See Creating An Agreement for additional information regarding standard forms.

Non-standard forms require formal legal approval by UM General Counsel's Office prior to execution. If the agreement needs to go to General Counsel for approval, Business Services also coordinates that review and works with General Counsel to answer any questions they may have.


The amount of time necessary to complete the review/approval process varies depending on the type and complexity of the agreement and the workload of the reviewing departments. Once an agreement is received by Business Services, however, 95% will be signed and returned to the department in 12 business days or less.